Lu luna. What does Luna mean?.

Lu luna

Joseph Lindsey delivered mail on horse back on the Cooperstown-Milford-Delhi route. Through the doors of the Stella Luna, family and friends are transported to a quiet village in Italy. We look forward to seeing you soon! Walking through the Piazza, or Town Square, visitors are invited to sit in the romantic grotto or the lofty Cortile. The Banchetto accommodates up to people with private bathroom facilities and a separate sound system. Lu luna

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  1. Several photoelectric cells helped maintain orientation with respect to the Sun and the Moon. Across the hardwood bar, the Cantina displays hundreds of domestic and imported wines.

  2. At the bar, guests are presented with an extensive selection of fine spirits, liqueurs, and beers from across the world.

  3. Our sauces are made daily and we use only the freshest ingredients to personally prepare all entrees by order. The Conferenza provides private dining for business meetings or family events of up to 30 people. Stella Luna specializes in fresh seafood, including the biggest seller to date, sea bass.

  4. As they traveled down the river, they destroyed most of the Indian settlements they encountered.

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