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Aids through kiss

Counselling for positive people Training and coordination of home care volunteers Compassionate and good treatment for patients Social workers Rights education about laws and grants Counsel clients who are positive Help set up community care projects Train and monitor volunteers and foster parents Help clients access grants. In areas where women do not have the power and status to say no to unsafe sex with their partners, the incidence of AIDS is much higher. They assist people to link with health and welfare services and help them to get access to medicine and disability or child grants. If you are positive you should tell your sexual partners so that they can also be tested and you should only practice safe sex. This means that girls have to leave school and lose a chance of getting an education that could lead to better employment in the future. Politicians take the lead to create positive role models and openness. Aids through kiss

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  1. There will be an increase in the need for poverty alleviation. Group foster parents - a group of orphans are housed in one place and looked after by a foster parent.

  2. War - areas where there is war and as a result a high rate of violence, especially rape, are more vulnerable.

  3. The experts believe he contracted the disease during a five-year trip around the globe on the HMS Beagle in his 20s — and attributed it to his death of heart failure 47 years later. AIDS is not known to be transmitted through food, water, air or environmental surfaces.

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